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Alpha Learning is an E-Learning platform that provides online courses for competitive exams for engineering students.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
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Target within a highly competitive market.


We've to capture a highly competitive market for Alpha Learning. We created an effective content marketing strategy where we placed the USP in a creative manner, with lots of leads magnet. This method helped us creating a massive shift of market from the competitors to Alpha Learning.


4,337 Application downloads on an average cost of Rs. 38. 705 Qualified leads acquired on an average cost of Rs. 21, these leads resulted in further sales. CTR reported was 4.33% reaching almost 4,054,570 peoples.

4.33% CTR

4,337 App Downloads

705 Leads Acquired

From The Client

“These guys have built such a strong and effective strategy that we've captured a major part of the market. We always know that excellent service is just a phone call or e-mail away.”

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